Our mission:

We are here to unite local active citizens who want:

  1. Increased social and legal literacy
  2. More accessible information on what legislative and executive branches, local authorities in Odessa and Odessa region, law enforcement and judicial systems, work force and military agencies etc. really do, as these are structures having a direct impact on the livelihoods and safety of Ukrainians
  3. Transparent details about decisions of corrupt officials or security forces illegal actions
  4. Info about changes in the local and state legislation that may directly affect their safety
  5. Development of civil society due to employment of the most active citizens for socially significant problems solution and various forms of civil control establishment
  6. Aid to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society
  7. Patriotic education of adolescents and youth plus civilian control over manifestations of anti-state separatism

If you happen to want it, too, call and join us!