Ukrainsky Opir

What is Vital to Odessa Citizens?

Openness, publicity, rule of law, transparency, and equality of rights and duties.

Who are We?

We are a public organization “Odeska sіch – Ukrainsky Opir”, which was established on 5 September, 2014 by a group of patriotic Odessa inhabitants. It is a part of “Civil Security Council” based on common interests and aspirations of the public organization members and intended for joint implementation of our rights and freedoms.

A need for “Odeska sіch – Ukrainsky Opіr” establishment was justified by terrorist aggression backed by Russian Federation leaders. We had to counter any separatist manifestations and destabilizing processes in Odessa and Odessa region, since neither of us wanted to return to our grim and double-minded past. Activities of the public organizations fit with the Constitution of Ukraine, Ukrainian public associations law, current legislation of Ukraine along with other legal acts of Ukraine and our organization charter.

This organization cooperates with state authorities, local government, various public organizations, citizens’ associations, trade unions, individuals and legal entities.

Is Society Interested in Us? What Makes Us Different from Others? What is Our Mission?

“Odeska sіch – Ukrainsky Opіr” organization was launched parallel to “Odeska sіch – Ukrainsky Opir” military / patriotic camp creation, which quickly turned into a cultural and educational center for Odessa region patriots. That’s why now we can be sure that society is interested in us. We are also sure that practical ways to protect oneself, one’s nearest and dearest, and country as a whole are just the thing. We know them, and it makes us different.

Our Goals

Key purpose of “Odeska sіch – Ukrainsky Opir” is to protect rights and freedom, while satisfying public needs and interests. In particular, this has to do with social, economic, creative, age, national, cultural, military, sports, and community interests of our members.

Our Principles

  • Patriotism and dedication
  • Voluntary deeds and self-government
  • Free choice of subject areas
  • Equality before the law
  • Absence of vested interests
  • Transparency and openness
  • Publicity
  • Equality of rights and obligations

Our Mission

  • Raising a level of public self-organization
  • Physical training of our members
  • Development and implementation of training based on military history of Ukraine programme
  • Charitable and social practices as well as their support
  • Organized assistance in case of emergency situations
  • Military and patriotic education of citizens and teenagers
  • Promotion of responsible ownership, storage, and use of firearms by citizens
  • Development and popularisation of applied military sports