History and Mission

Our History

“Civil Security Council” (CSC) non-profit social organization was created in 2007. At first, it was intended to raise economic and legal awareness of citizens participating in economic, social, cultural, public, and social programs in the region and to protect them in social, legal, and economic terms.

Yet, since April, 2014 activities of “Civil Security Council” became much more diverse and vigorous. We provided charity support to volunteer units of Ukranian Military Forces that had to leave Crimea after illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russian Federation. Our key task was to collect necessities for children and families of Ukranian soldiers.

Our volunteers also helped military units located in Odessa and Odessa region. We raised charity such as food, building materials, and spare parts. We helped to repair old equipment, arrange household, and organize leisure of our warriors, too.

Since June, 2014, when faced with a stream of wounded ATO (anti-terrorist operation) participants, our organization began to actively help Military Medical Clinical Center of Southern region. Raised charitable funds were allocated to medicines, bedding, and medical equipment. All of the above was a must to treat Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers who began to come to the hospital. At the same time, sympathetic citizens of Odessa began to independently acquire and send drugs / money to “Civil Security Council” for the sake of the wounded. We issued acceptance certificates and handed them to all donators to ensure transparency. Our organization began to send uniforms, military equipment parts, food, clothing, personal hygiene products, and protective equipment needed in combat and transport them to ATO zone.

At the same time we started to carry out active social and legal measures to fight against corruption. Our specialists compiled court claims and messages to Prosecution Service. We have been also writing letters with clarification questions to various authorities and conducting street picketing.

Since September, 2014 our organization helps with military and patriotic education of teenagers. For example, Ukrop teen camp was opened on the territory of an abandoned Ground Troops Institute in Odessa.

Later, during March, 2015 “Civil Security Council” has organized a charity musical marathon to raise funds and buy a reanimation car for warriors. It was named “Kuzma with us” in memory of Ukrainian singer Kuzma Scriabin who died in a car accident. The marathon was attended by a number of famous artists such as Oleg Skripka (Vopli Vidoplyasova band leader) and Haydamaky band.

Our current activities relate to the following subject-matter areas:

  1. Volunteer charity aid for hospitals and military units in the ATO zone
  2. Volunteer charity aid for military units of Odessa region and Shiroky Lan military polygon situated in Mykolaiv region
  3. Assistance to victims of war families, ATO soldiers, plus legal assistance to ATO participants
  4. Combating city / regional corruption, in particular with the customs, police, courts and Prosecution Service along with presumably corrupt individuals
  5. Agitation against separatism
  6. Patriotic education of teenagers and students
  7. Civil society development
  8. Psychological support to ATO soldiers and more

“Civil Security Council” regularly takes part in the city-wide patriotic actions. It also conducts meetings, arranges pickets, and direct actions, campaigns against separatism / all kinds of corruption for a sake of civil society development.

The Council was created by Mark Gordienko, a man of high renown in Odessa and civic activist. Our organization is completely volunteer. About 100 volunteers operate on a permanent basis. Another 300 volunteers are involved in various projects.

Thus, we are a large group of co-thinkers sincerely concerned for the future of Odessa and Ukraine as a whole. Inspired by like-minded European movements, we seek to transform a former post-Soviet cryptocolony into a modern European country. Our efforts result in stronger position of civil society. We are here to influence life of our lovely city and state.

Our Mission

Main mission of our organization is the effective consolidation of efforts directed by active members of Ukrainian civil society to provide European level of civilian control over the actions of all power branches. Its ultimate aim has to do with protection of every citizen from corrupt schemes and illegal actions of officials. Serving Ukraine’s interests by means of civil society forces leads to social security. And the latter, in turn, provides fertile ground to overall revival.

Main targets are:

  1. Consolidation of local active civil society members
  2. Social and legal literacy
  3. More accessible information on what legislative and executive branches, local authorities in Odessa and Odessa region, law enforcement and judicial systems, work force and military agencies etc. really do, as these are structures having a direct impact on the livelihoods and safety of Ukrainian citizens
  4. Transparent details about decisions of corrupt officials or security forces illegal actions
  5. Informing citizens about changes in the local and state legislation that may directly affect their safety
  6. Development of civil society due to employment of the most active citizens for socially significant problems solution and various forms of civil control establishment
  7. Aid to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society
  8. Patriotic education of adolescents and youth plus civilian control over manifestations of anti-state separatism

If you miss the above mission, call and join us!