Youth Wing

The youth wing of "Civil Security Council" public organization is an association of active patriotic youngsters who care about fate of Odessa region and Ukraine.

The idea of ​​youth wing creation came into our minds in December, 2014. After that (namely, in January, 2015) young patriots exchanged their contacts, and the youth wing gradually acquired its present form.

One of the main wing subject areas is patriotic education of youth and pinpointing applications for their energy and zeal for a sake of society.

Basically, young Odessites were initially engaged in drug houses / cafes selling unlicensed alcohol closure. They have also fought against underground and illegal gambling businesses. Over time, they began to close various fictitious realtor offices. Youth wing members participated in a variety of Odessa-based public actions. There is more to come!


At the same time, our young soldiers practice self-development of “Ukrop”, our military and patriotic camp.

Its educational area combines military theorу classes and physical training. There are also courses that address issues of body and soul development. We bridge a gap created during the years of Communist oppression by combining traditional Ukrainian lore examplified by various historical facts with cutting-edge “lifehacks” and XXI century ideology.

Now our young wing is engaged in a number of diverse projects. Currently, one of the most important fields for our young citizens is struggle against judicial, bureaucratic, and police lawlessness.

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